Seoul Sister

After the worst day ever in a very unorganised port town in Japan, I decided I wasn’t wasting anymore time travelling between places, not spending enough time anywhere and too much time on trains/planes. I was happy enough to sacrifice Busan – I hadn’t done that much research in to it and there was nothing I particularly wanted to see, so I left the travelling threesome for the second time and booked a flight to Seoul.

By the time I arrived to the Chingu’s guesthouse at 10 pm, I was hot, sweaty and in a serious mood. I was planning on going straight to bed, but my roomies were chilling in the common room drinking Coffee Soju (the best drink on the entire planet). They convinced me to have one – and next thing I know it’s 5 am and I’m in a karaoke bar in the middle of Hongdae.

The next day I woke up and headed straight for the cat cafe! I was very eager and was the first person there so I had all the kitty’s to myself. I ordered an iced peach tea and chilled with my feline friends for the morning. Asian cats look different than western cats, and they had the kitties shaved but with furry tails and heads, they were hilarious looking!

I was going to spend the rest of the day in the spa, but on route I spotted an all you can eat sushi buffet. They did not see me and my hangover coming. I spend about an hour there, stuffing my face. Unfortunately, I overestimated myself- and I ate myself into a state- I literally couldn’t stand up straight and had to hobble back to the hostel and go to bed to the day. Epic fail. When I finally got back out of bed, I went to yoga to counteract the days earlier damage.

The next day myself and my Danish roomie Mila went sight seeing. We picked a great day for it as it was Culture day in Korea so everything was free entry. We decided to take full advantage and went to see everything, also meaning I had the rest of my time in Seoul to just chill and hangout in the various cool neighbourhoods. We went to mural alley, Gyeongbokgung temple, Deoksugung temple, the man made Cheonggyecheon river with the lantern display, city hall, the memorial exhibition for the ferry accident and the gallery under the bridge. I can now safely say

I am templed out of it

Which is good timing too since I probs won’t be back in Asia for a while!

That night we all went for dinner for bibimbap – I had cold bibimbap with raw white fish and sides – delish!

The following day I spend strolling around Hongdae. I had the best breakfast – galbi for two for one (with sides). I had sweet pumpkin doboki, and when it came out it looked like cheap frozen sausages, and I was very disappointed. The disappointment soon passed once they were cooked – they were amazing, one of my fav things I had tasted on the trip! 😋😋

I did some shopping in the street markets in Hongdae, went to Yoga and checked into the apartment we were staying in for the rest of the trip. The apartment was lovely, and only 4 mins from the hostel.

When the two arrived and reminded me that I needed my passport for the DMZ tour the following day, panic struck! I had not seen my passport since Monday and there was a high possibility it was in some karaoke bar in the middle of Seoul. I emptied my bad and search the hostel, then made my way to the police station 😩 On my way, I met an English boy who was in the same situation. He was living in Seoul and lost his wallet/ID etc. the police didn’t have my passport (freaked) so I decided to give the hostel one more search- thankfully, my tall Swedish friend came to the rescue and spotted my passport on a shelf that I was too short to see!

Wuhoo I am not stranded in SK!!

We celebrated with beers and Korean BBQ!

On Friday we got the rainbow disco bus to the DMZ, a much more successful trip than our last bus tour 🙂 The DMZ is very creepy, we could look out to North Korea and walk through the tunnels! On the way back we stopped at Vatos Tacos for Tacos and margaritas 💛 That night we invited our new English buddy and his friends over for coffee soju and a night out Gangnam style.

Let’s just say:

this did not end well.

On Saturday we nursed our hangovers at the Hello Kitty cafe, and went strolling through Isadong. As Buddhas bday was coming up, Jogyesa Temple was decorated with thousands of lanterns, it was beautiful. We went for tea at a traditional tea house and got some egg bread street food.

Chingu’s were having a BBQ and party that night which we attended with our new English friend, who surprisingly still wanted to hangout with us after the night before! We played drinking games and ate BBQ – I was particularly delighted when someone put an omelette in front of me 😋😋 We went boozing in the park and then on to a bar and clubbing in FF. They night would have been perfect if the owner of the hostel hadn’t taken a very creepy shine to me and literally stalked my life all night, starting fights with anyone who looked sideways at me and threatening everyone, saying he was from North Korea and would kill them – fun times! The icing on the cake was when I logged onto FB the next day and my face was the cover photo for the hostel page😱 Luckily, JT took it down for me right away!

On Sunday, Lindsay didn’t surface all day, so Teo and I went to Nature Cafe – where they had real life sheep in the cafe! I got Honey Bread, since I’d been eyeing it up for a week by then! That night we went on an epic food tour – 3 hours of face stuffing, starting with Korean BBQ, galbi, fried mackerel, OMLETTES, Korea pancake – and of course Soju and rice wine – heaven! On the way back we took a small detour to Gangnam for coffee and desert! A great end to the trip!





























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