Once a year the fam usually plans a little trip away together, last year we decided on Copenhagen.

We booked our direct flights from Dublin (success) and our room in the Marriott for three nights. I would actually recommend staying in Nimb or the boat hotel but unfortunately we left it too late to book. In saying that, the Marriott was fab, had a great restaurant and was in the perfect location over looking the river.

On our first day, we strolled to Tivoli gardens, a short walk from the hotel. Unfortunately, we were minus a key player due to her uni/work experience supervisors being complete wankers. However, this didn’t stop us having fun! We picked the perfect time to visit Copenhagen – Halloween!! Halloween is my second fav holiday of the year (after Christmas obvs) and I was delighted to see the whole theme park decorated to the nines in pumpkins (I think about 20,000 in total).

We had our lunch in Tivoli before Nic and I got to work on the rides. I love roller-coasters but after the first 4 Nic started to feel vuuury ill – so it was time for a break. We walked around the gardens, shopping in the little stalls and drinking warm apple cider. That night, we ate at the bar and grill in Nimb, though poor Nic was too sick to enjoy!

We got up early the next day to avail of the lovely breaki at the hotel and then went to explore the city. We went on the canal tour, which I would totally recommend if you have the weather for it. It was an amazing sunny, but freezing day so we had hot chocolates by the river at Nyhavn, while wrapped up in warm blankies.

We then decided to visit the spiral, an old church with amazing views of the city. There are 400 steps inside before you even reach the balcony. Mom and I were the only two to make it to the balcony, where the mother abandoned me due to vertigo. I decided to keep going round the spiral outdoor stairs up the tower. This was going fine when all I could see were the clouds, but when I turned around to take a picture, I almost died. I was so high up, and even though I’m not usually scared of heights, I was frozen in fear. I thought I was either going to have to stay there forever, or sit on my bum and scoot down the stairs. I actually cant remember how I got down in the end, but it was a miracle. To recover from the trauma, we went for a stroll around Christiania (taking some sneaky illegal pics) and through Rosenborg castle park.

That night, we dinned on burgers and cocktails at Cocks and Cows. We reckoned we would be served tiny portions at Noma the next day (we were not expecting the 22 courses that were to come).

We were so lucky to get a table at Noma. Usually you need to book months and months in advance but the day I rang there happened to be a cancellation. If you are trying to book I would ring over trying to book online-much more effective. We arrived for our lunch and were greeted by the best customer service I have ever experienced. We were being served a 22 course lunch, matched with wine (juice for Nic). Our first course, we were told, was already on our table in the form of the floral decorations. The next 21 were equally imaginative/impressive. My favs were the savory doughnuts and cheese bites. The only thing I didn’t try were the live shrimp that were crawling around my plate.

One of our Chefs was Irish, who gave us a tour of the kitchens, cookery school and private dining. He also invited me to a Halloween party that night in his place for the other chefs and staff (about 50 altogether).

The party was fancy dress and very well decorated. They were serving blood red punch with live ants (brought from the restaurant) and “ghoulish goulash”.

The next day I took it easy, as I was tired from the night before. We strolled along the river outside the hotel, did a bit of shopping and made our own individual s’mores for a treat 🙂20140228-181122.jpg20140228-181135.jpg20140228-181149.jpg20140228-181159.jpg20140228-181232.jpg20140228-181222.jpg20140228-181241.jpg










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