Aussie Road Trippin’

I was supposed to spend 6 weeks in Aus, but since I added a few spur of the moment trips to NZ, KL and Bali on at the end, I ended up only spending 3.5 weeks there. Since I had seriously cut in to my time there, I had to make it count!

I flew from Melbourne to Sydney and Sean collected me at the airport. Flying Virgin was such a treat after all the questionable airlines in Asia and I was trilled to be offered a wheat and dairy free meal (not that I was sticking to my diet at all).

First stop was Sean’s sisters house in Coogee to visit his baby niece. Then we hit the beach with a picnic of sandwiches and NZ cider. I am not usually a fan of cider but it is so delicious on that side of the world.

I was supposed to stay in MMcGs, but since Sean was heading home the following day, she got stood up (which I am sure she understood)! Instead, we stayed in a beautiful room in the Park Hyatt on the harbour – Sean’s bro in law was so good to let us use his travel points to book. That night we strolled around the harbour and stuffed our faces with Sushi and wine (and desert!).

The next day we decided to get the ferry to Manly Beach. I have since learned that there is an amazing roof top pool overlooking the opera house at the Hyatt which we didn’t realise – ops, guess it’s an excuse to go back! We had pretty bad luck with the ferry, missing two because we were busy eating, but we made it eventually. We spent another great day at the beach, eating froyo and smoothies for lunch.

That evening, I left Sean and ended up back at the GLG office (just visiting tho TG 😉 ). I met MMcG and Cian and we started our mini road trip to kangaroo valley. On the way to our cabin, we stopped for booze in Dan Murphy’s offy and a Thai take out for the road (I was missing the pad thais)!

Our cottage was the cutest little thing and surrounded by fields full of kangaroos. It had a big outdoor bbq area so we spent most of the time eating and boozing there. During the day we went for a swim in the river, had a few bevies in the local and drove up and down the road leading to the cabin about 17 times 😉

When I arrived back in Sydney, I met my friend Conachil (who I hadn’t seen in FOREVER) for lunch. Since it was raining, Cian, MMcG and I went to the aquarium and (more importantly) the Lindt cafe. The following day Shorty Pants and I walked the Bondi to Coogee walk, as it was a scorcher. There was plenty to see as the Sculptures by the Sea Exhibition was in full swing. Ironically, I only saw Shorten for one day while I was in Aus as he was going back to Eire just as I arrived.

As my time in Aus was being interrupted by a 10 day trip to NZ, I had to say goodbye to Sydney since I was retuning straight to Whitsunday’s .












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