Singapore Sling

I arrived in Singapore to be very confused by all the Christmas decorations in the airport. It has been summer for so long, I forgot it was actually winter. Since I had to wait at the airport for my dad to arrive, I made myself comfortable in Starbucks with a toffee nut festive flavoured latte. Dad arrived about an hour later and our driver took us to our hotel.

Dad had a few meetings, so I entertained myself at the hotel room for the afternoon. It was nice having a bit of space and a giant bathroom to myself to clutter. ALL my clothes needed to be washed but Grace had sent out new clothes for me from home so I had something to wear for dinner that night.

A friend recommended the sushi restaurant in Raffles to us, so we made a reservation for dinner there. When we got there, it wasn’t really what we had in mind. There were only seats at the sushi bar, no tables and no al a carte menu. We could choose from 3 set menus:

1. Sushi (15 pieces)
2. Sushi and a hot dish
3. Sushi and two hot dishes

The cheapest option (option number 1) was 220 Singapore dollars. Dad decided he didn’t like this menu, so we would have to go for a steak afterwards, but we should get the sushi as a starter. We couldn’t share, so we ordered two. I am sitting there wondering if we have won the lotto since I’ve been away, or if dad has just lost the plot completely. We have our own personal sushi chef between us, and he makes each piece and places them in front of us one by one. I tell dad I need to take a pic of the €100 sashimi to send back to the two at home, when he nearly chokes on his piece tuna. Apparently, 3 time zones in 4 days and having been up for almost 20 hours, didn’t do his brain any favours and he confused the Singapore dollar with the Hong Kong dollar, thinking our sushi “starter” was just €22… Ops! Guess we didn’t win the lotto then… :/

A steak was out of the question then, but we we actually full from the sushi anyway. And no matter what… There’s always room for a drink afterwards. The Long Bar at Raffles is somewhat of an institution and was where the Singapore Sling was invented. MJ met us for a drink here and I had the SS, though it was a little sweet for me (I was more concerned with the peanuts).

The next day dad had to go to work for the day. Sean had a nine hour stop over to he came in to meet me. The weather wasn’t great, so instead of lying by the pool we went for a stroll around the city. The previous night hadn’t put me off sushi entirely, so we went to a Japanese place for lunch. It’s a tough adjustment coming from Vietnam to Singapore, and paying $30 each for lunch stung a little. At least the tap water was drinkable and we no longer had to buy it-

I’ll have four glasses of water please 😉

After lunch, we walked over the double helix bridge to the MBS and took the elevator up to the skypark. As we looked over the city, giant purple storm clouds were creeping towards us. It was about to start lashing rain. There was only one thing to do at a time like this- buy a box of overly priced macaroons from the bakery downstairs and go back and watch movies all day.

Again, it wasn’t a goodbye for myself and Sean, as we arranged to meet again in Sydney. He left that evening and I went for dinner with my dad and MJ. We met at a really nice rooftop bar in the Fullerton hotel for drinks and then ate outside in a restaurant called “The Pelican“, overlooking the MBS. I ordered the fisherman’s pie- which was the size of my head and absolutely delicious!

mmm creamy, pastry goodness 🙂

On my last day in Singapore, dad and I went for brunch and a bit of shopping, before lying out by the pool. For dinner, we went to Daniel Boulud’s restaurant. Just as I was getting used to my new skinny self after months on a diet of eggs and tequila, Singapore beat Sydney in adding that stone.

Damn you delicious Western food!













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