Mui Ne :)

We left HCMC around 3 pm (on the bus scheduled for 2 pm) and got 5 seats at the back of the bus (cool kids). It took about 5/6 hours but it flew by since we had downloaded 2 movies and had a picnic of crackered flavoured crackers 😉 When we arrived we checked into the hotel that our three Canadian friends were staying in. The mouse pooh in the room wasn’t ideal, so we decided we would find another place the following day. That night we went to a place called Joe’s cafe (where we became permanent fixtures over the next few days) for dinner, margaritas and White Russians.

Since it was Sean’s mission to get his tan back, we got up early and went to the beach with the Canadians. A little Vietnamese woman with a cooler full of beers plonked herself down beside us when she noticed we were having few- a budding entrepreneur if I ever saw one! After awhile, we started to get a little burnt (Sean) and a little hungry so we decided we would go to Pogo’s beach bar for some day time play time. On the way, Sean and I rented a little moped and a little beach bungalow- that’ll do us for the next 4 days 🙂

We spent the rest of the day/night drinking cocktails/beers, playing pool/cards and eating falafels/Nutella pancakes.

Our Canadian buddies left the next day and Sean and I lay out in the beach outside our bungalow. That evening, we got a picnic from Pogo’s and drove to the red sand dunes for a beautiful sunset.

We spent our days eating, sleeping and tanning, but we did manage to fit in some sightseeing. We drove to the fairy stream and strolled through the stream as far as the ostrich farm. Ostriches are weird looking things, and apparently, in Mui Ne, you can ride one for a fiver! My ostrich didn’t seem to have a problem with me, and trotted around the enclosure without a bother. When Sean’s ostrich saw all 6’3 and 16 stone of him, he kicked up a bit of a fuss. Sean managed to get on top of him, but only made it a few meters before landing on his arse- much to my entertainment.

On the bus back to HCMC we lucked out with three beds in the back row. We checked into a VIP room with a jacuzzi tub in a hotel near the airport. We went back to the Mexican place for some margaritas and white Russians. All the locals were dressed up for halloween, but we didn’t stay out late that night as I had an early flight the next morning so we went home to bed.












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