Easy riders- The last leg (4&5/5)

When we arrived at our destination, John and I were desperately craving western food (in the form of a pizza). As far as Son knew, the only place in the city serving Western food was KFC-yuckers-but since we were desperate, it would have to do. On our way to KFC, Son dropped us off at the pharmacy as we needed to pick up a few things. John, who has worked in a pharmacy, conveniently remembered all the drug names only after I spent 15 minutes embarrassingly drawing/acting out what I needed to 5 non-English speaking pharmacists.

Needless to say the KFC was the most disgusting thing Iv ever tasted. After dinner we strolled around the city and found a little bar serving margaritas and pizza


We made up for the lack of pizza in our lives by drinking double the amount of margaritas.

The following day we spent most of the day driving, stopping at a few road side shacks for iced coffees and bum breaks. After last nights KFC, we were 100% having a Vietnamese dinner with the drivers- we weren’t making that mistake again!

The four of us left the hotel and made it no more than 1 block when it started it pour out of the heavens. We were left standing under a shop canapĂ© for 20 minutes, while the road changed into a river. There was no sign of the rain storm clearing so we decided to go for it- it was now or never and we were starving. The water was now knee deep and I was worried about how filthy it was, rats (who were surely going to come up from the gutters) and falling over curbs/obstacles I couldn’t see. After 5 minutes, we made it to the restaurant only to find a coffin on top of the dinner tables- a funeral. Back in to the rain we go. We find another place and sit down to noodles and veg, beer and rice wine


This turned out to be Johns fav meal of the tour (though the KFC the night before may have made it seem extra tasty). John and Son were still hungry so the decided to order some “pork”. Pork rectum. To my complete and utter horror John actually eats this and when I ask him what it tastes like he responds with:

you know that shit that comes outta your arse?!?

Just as Son passes me the sauce, which genuinely smelt like feces- I laughed for the next half hour at Johns misfortune.

The following day (our last day), we stopped off at the Chu Chi tunnels on our way to HCMC. During the movie- we felt extremely thankful we were Irish and not yanks (aka “raging devils”) and we even made a point of telling a Vietnamese tour guide this when he apologised for the movie! There was no need for him no know I also carry an American passport…

When we got to HCM and had to drive through the city to get to our bus to Cambodia-my life flashed before my eyes! John looked pretty worried as motorbikes/scooters/cars zoomed past but the two drivers didn’t seem to bothered about all the close calls.

If you are ever going to Vietnam, definitely look Son up-











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