Easy Riders – Dalat to Lak Lake (2&3/5)

We woke up early and hit the road right after our omelettes. Our first stop on our second day was the crazy house in Da Lat. The building’s overall design resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing animals, mushrooms, spider webs and caves. It reminded me of Gaudi’s designs in Barcelona.

We got on the road again and made our way through the mountains towards Lak Lake. We stopped at the “Chicken Village”, a minority village, and strolled around the little streets and school.

We visited another temple and some more minority villages where we would drink iced coffee laying in hammocks.

The accommodation in Lak Lake was quite secluded so after dinner we had an early night. Even though all we did all day was drink iced coffee and sit on our backsides being driven around, we were wrecked!

The next morning we decided we would cross the lake on top of an elephant. The elephants were kept just down the road and seemed to be in much better condition that the ones in Bangkok. However, I noticed the workers still carried bull hooks so I felt slightly guilty about being there. After, we could buy sugar cane and feed the elephants so we did just that which made me feel a little better as the elephants seemed to enjoy the treat!

The next stop was a coffee stop, and Son had a little surprise for us- the cafe owner had two pythons and a scorpion which we could hold. At first I didn’t think I would be able for it, but Son didn’t give me much time to decide and next thing I know, I have a python wrapped around me! The second python weighted twice me, so I needed a little help lifting her. Unlike John, I did chicken out when it came to holding the scorpion!

We then made our way to these beautiful waterfalls where we went swimming and had lunch.



















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