Easy Riders: Nah Trang to Dalat (1/5)

Son collected us at 8 am. He strapped our bags to the back of the bikes, we hopped on and we were on our way.

Destination: Dalat.

We began our drive down the coast of Nah Trang before Our first stop. We stopped at some Cham Temples just outside Nah Trang. I, of course, was not dressed appropriately and they had no robes, so I waited outside while John checked out the interior. I had seen Cham temples in My Son so I knew what they were like. We then started making our way up and over the mountains to Dalat, stopping for “bum breaks” at view points, sugarcane farms for some snacks, minority villages for iced coffee (mmm mmmmm) and another Buddhist temple. On the way, we stopped in a “restaurant” in the middle of nowhere. As I was now back to being a veggie, I ordered rice, veg and fish. John got the only other option, rice, veg, fish and meat. Although the place was basic, the food was actually delicious and we were starving! Hygiene was no longer a concern for me, it was useless worrying about it, but I think John needed a few more meals before he got used to the standards of these places!

The temple we visited just before Dalat was my fav so far- and that is saying something as I have seen A LOT of temples. The temple on Tianmen Mountain in China had the best location but this temple was the most beautiful. It was so colourful and ornate and full of Buddhist statues. It took us about 6 or 7 minutes to realise that the monk at the alter was not real.

After we checked in to our hotel in Dalat, we joined Son and two more Easy Riders for a local hot pot dinner. We drank beers while the boys drank from a water bottle containing a brownish liquid- rice wine with banana. After a few beers, we joined them in a few shots of rice wine:


We left them and wandered through the night markets in search of a pub. Dalat is a quiet town but we managed to find one bar that had a DJ. This was the strangest bar I have ever been to. All the tables and couches were facing the top of the small room where the DJ played (like a cinema) and while the customers (mayb 15 of us) were chilling out drinking beer, smoking hookah and eating nuts, the DJ and staff were going 90, head banging as if they were in the middle of a rave. No one spoke English, but everyone was our best friend!












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