After a pretty painless 6 hour bus ride, we arrived at the Mad Monkey Hostel in Phnom Penh.

The hostel had stopped serving food, so I had a dinner of passion fruit margaritas, which were delicious. We joined a table of 4 Scotts and a South African and decided to head to a street with lots of bars on it (street 502 or something like that). We had a couple of drinks outside one of the bars but were being constantly bothered by street kids so we moved on to a club (not sure of the name of this place either).

The next morning we woke up early, as we wanted to visit the Killing Fields before our “6” (and by 6, Cambodians actually mean 9) hour bus ride to Siem Reap. I wasn’t mad about Phnom Penh- it was busy and dirty and after a tuk tuk ride you would be covered in a layer of dust. In saying that, I’m glad we went and the Killing Fields are definitely worth a visit. The audio tour last about 1.5 hours and takes you through the sad recent history of Cambodia, told by a survivor. It’s an eerie place, and though unlike Auschwitz, where the buildings are still intact, it still had the same feel to it even without the original structures. As you walk along, you can see the remains of the victims (bones, teeth, clothing) on the ground and in display cases.

Back at the hostel, what would become a usual occurrence in Cambodia took place. We ordered lunch before the bus was due to arrive (45 minutes before hand). After 40 minutes, I was stressing out/getting annoying that we wouldn’t get to eat in time and trying to hurry the staff on. When our food did arrive (50 minutes later), we inhaled it without chewing as we thought we were in a hurry and then sat around for another 20 minutes because the bus was late- this infuriates me.

On the bus, John spent his time being jealous of my ability to sleep anywhere, and I slept.

hmmmmmmmmm 🙂

We stopped off at the dodgiest bus rest spot (not sure what they are called) yet. The toilets where filthy and the dogs looked like they were riddled with rabies (and after our Nah Trang bus friend got bitten by a rabid dog and had to fork out $2,000 for shots, we were very aware of them). On the plus side, the sunset was breathtaking and John got an ice lolly. Back on the bus, John made me stay awake and play with him- some kind of celeb guessing game, which I was absolutely useless at.

We stayed at the Downtown Siem Reap hostel. After we checked in, we headed straight for pub street. Angkor What?! seemed to be the place to be, so we started, and finished the night there. We made our NBFs for the night- a Kiwi pilot and some geeky Germans (one had a video recorded strapped around his head). That night we made our first enemy- our German roommate who was allergic to fun. She was a member if the anti-banter police force and we were her least favourite people.

The next day we lay by the pool and went to the markets. John lost his sun glasses (I’m only surprised this didn’t happen sooner). We went for a curry dinner at a local restaurant on restaurant street (loving the names of their streets-where’s chocolate street??). We decided we would check out the Mad Monkey in Siem Reap as we had heard it had a roof top beach bar. The beach bar was ideal. Sand on the floors, giant margaritas, free shots- what’s not to love?! On a board behind the bar, countries were ranked in order of the amount of people from each country who had taken a grenade (a shot of tequila and a jäger bomb). John managed to move Ireland up a place- prouda you!!

Bec….I’m langers. Bec?!?…lAAAngers…

After a few more drinks at Angkor What?!, we and our two NBFs made it back to our hostel for some loopy juice and brownies. We didn’t even try and fool ourselves into thinking we would make the sunrise at Angkor Wat, and when people were leaving the hostel at 4.30 am to go to the temples, I was on my way to bed, while John was still giving it socks at the bar. Apparently, I know NO words to ANY songs, and John is Westlife’s long lost 5th member.

I can’t believe that I’m a fool once more…

The follow day it was culture o’clock and at 2.30 pm we hired a tuk tuk to drive us around the temples. The temples with the roots and trees growing through them were my fav. We were on a tight schedule to see everything before the sunset at the main temple, so I left John for dead while he was looking at some statue. I was going to see all these temples if it killed me. He caught up with me and we made it to the main temple in time. We started to stalk these two Buddhist monks, as they looked the part at the temples and we wanted a pic with them. They were all about John but were having none of me (ladies, do not touch monks). At the view point, a couple on their honeymoon asked if we would take a pic of them and they would take a pic of us. Everyone thought we were a couple-next time I am getting a tshirt with an arrow pointing and saying “I am not with stupid” on it. But, since this couple were all loved up on their honeymoon buzz, we didn’t wanna be the buzz kills so we played the part.

For dinner, we went to a place with individual bbqs on each table and I order a dinner of 7 meats- chicken, beef, pork, squid, barracuda, shark and my fav, croc! John got a fish pedicure (yuckers) and I got a regular one. That night, we went back to the Mad Monkey and Angkor What?! for a repeat of the night before- why fix something that isn’t broken ;)? On our way home we took a slight detour only to find out Happy Pizza was already closed- BOOOerns.20131122-175927.jpg20131122-175850.jpg20131122-175826.jpg20131122-175753.jpg









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