Hoi An

Our Jetstar flight was delayed 7 hours so we were stuck in Hanoi airport all day- not ideal! When we arrived in Da Nang, our driver, Tu, collected us and dropped us off to the Hoa Bihn hotel in Hoi An.

We went straight to the Three Dragons pub where they were showing the replay of the All Ireland. I tried my best to fit in, but according to Barry I looked more like a Kilkenny supporter than a Clare one. There were a few Cork heads about and one other Clare fan. The match was being delayed an hour to accommodate an Aussie rugby match and one of the Cork girls made the mistake of calling out the score from her twitter… If looks could kill, Hauly would have been jailed for murder. Luckily, the owner heard her and turned off the wifi right away as to not ruin the match for the boys. The frozen margaritas were going down way too easy so by half time I needed a nap. I woke up to the boys celebrating- two all Ireland champs 😉

Hoi An was a nice change from the chaos of Hanoi- Crepes and baguettes in Tam Tams, getting suits tailored in Yali’s with Princess Fiona, $4 all you can drink booze in Volcano- job!

Unfortunately, my luck took a turn for the worse the day the boys left. With the help of the fear, google symptoms and a cough, I diagnosed myself with both SARS and Dengue Fever- bad buzz. Turns out it was just a bad flue, thanks to walking home from Volcano in the middle of Typhoon Wutip. The flue and the typhoon meant I couldn’t finish the diving course I had started and had to spend three days in bed.

The pharmacies in Hoi An are my fav places in Vietnam- in the front of little old ladies’ houses, beside the jars of Chinese medicines, you can get anything you want without a prescription;

-Vietnamese herbal meds

All of the above for around €30. I slept well to say the least! When I could get out of bed, I went for dinner or the beach with Jodie and Char or went to Yin Yoga.

Mom arrived just in time- I could get out of bed and the typhoon had passed! Bye bye Hoa Bihn, hello The Nam Hai 🙂 5 star luxury is an understatement. Three infinity pools, our own villa, beach front, all fruit and veg grown on site and the most attentive staff on the plant- heaven! Every morning we went for Yoga at 8 am before eating breaki outside. Our Nepalese yoga instructor practiced Hatha- he was so funny and hyper.

We mostly ate at the hotel as the food was so good and healthy but we did venture in to the old town to Morning Glory, the spa and Yali’s. We also got my laundry done for $3 in some lady’s house and mom got her Soy Latte off a lady on the street 😉

We took a break from lying by the pool one day and did a day trip to Marble Mountain and My Son with our tour guide, Happiness (Hap for short). Both were amazing;

  • Marble Mountain has loads of temples on top of the mountain, some even carved out of the stone in these huge caves.
  • My Son is a collection of Cham temples remains. Unfortunately, only a few are left as they were bombed during the war.

We met a family from Tasmania and it turns out they were friends of Bens- crazy small world! For mom’s bday and our last night at the resort, the beach bar baked a cake and our Aussie family joined us and helped us finish it.














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