Good Morning Vietnam

Hoi An, so far, has had the best food I’ve tasted on this trip.

Morning Glory is the best restaurant in old town, specialising in local street food. My favs would be the Hoi An pancakes, white rose dumplings, Cau Lao and the Crab Wantons.

I ate here at least 5 times. I also had the sea bass, three best friend spring rolls, savoury crepes, chicken with rice and the banana pudding. I would recommend everything except the spring rolls- they weren’t as good as the others!


When I felt like western food, Tam Tams or Cargo (same owner as Morning Glory) are the places to be. When I felt sick, the grilled cheese and tomato and tomato soup from Tam Tams saved me. The fresh french baguettes and iced lattes were also a staple of mine. When I craved Starbucks Pumpkin spiced lattes, I hit Cargo for the pumpkin, spinach and goats cheese tart and pumpkin soup and salad.



I usually prefer eating in local restaurants rather than hotels, but not this time. The food in the Nam Hai was to die for. It made eating healthy easy (except for the thin based focaccia bread with pumpkin dip). Every morning after Yoga, mom and I would sit outside and drink our green or jasmine tea, eat fruit (mainly mango, pineapple, grapefruit and banana) and she would have french toast and I would have either a veggie omelette or poached eggs with salmon. They would have every kind of juice imaginable- orange, ginger, carrot, watermelon, melon, grapefruit, lime iced tea, Vietnamese iced coffee, coconut water- you name it they had it!


For lunch we would sit by the beach and order three mains between the two of us-

Coconut shrimp and mango salad
Crab and avocado salad
BBQed pork baguette
Seafood salad (my fav- scallops, calamari, shrimp, white fish and clams)




All the veg and fruit were grown in the resorts private gardens, which you could stroll down to and walk around.

In the same beach restaurant we would have a Vietnamese dinner of seafood, sweet potatoe, morning glory, clay pot eggplant, stir-fries etc.

We ate in the western restaurant one night where we both had fish and veg and treated ourselves with the most delicious desert- banana tart with cinnamon ice cream!




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