Thai Take Out

I ate at least one Pad Thai a day while I was in Thailand. It is def my fav Thai dish (seafood all the way)!

My first meal in Thailand was simple, but delicious, chicken noodle soup, from the room service kids menu at the Peninsula. After all the dumplings in China, and since I wasn’t feeling well, it was the most perfect comfort meal I could have asked for. I also ordered a peach and lychee smoothie to wash it down. I only had my first taste of lychee a few months back- I was missing out until them- lychini’s are to die for.

Brunch in the Peninsula was sooo good and gave me a chance to eat healthily for a few days. I tried fruit I had never even heard of such as Jack fruit, as well as fresh papaya, mango, pineapple and dragon fruit. After I would have a veggie omelette, some smoked salmon, green tea and grapefruit juice. Set me right up for the day.

For lunch I would have a beautiful chicken and mango salad by the pool- heaven!




I would really recommend Condoms and Cabbages for dinner in Bangkok.


In Phi Phi there wasn’t much choice. One place that did stick out from the rest was Papaya (reviews speak for themselves). Most places in Phi Phi have the same menu and more or less the same interior, but Papaya was this cute family owned place in the alley beside reggae reggae bar. The menu was smaller, and only served Thai and Indian food. I ordered baked rice, served with chicken, veg, cashews, prawns and pineapple. It was served up to me in pineapples too and tasted as good as it looked. The decor is basic, but the staff are so friendly- he manager shakes everyone’s hand when they walk in. They also have some verrrry well fed cats walking around. I tried to feed one of them some chicken and he turned his nose up at it- the waiter told me he prefers fried fish!!




In koh Phangan I spent my days in “2 Lazy” cafe. The food was only ok, no better or worse than anywhere else in Koh Phangan, but the staff were lovely, couches were cozy, and they would play what ever you wanted on the giant screen- perfect for hangover lounging. They also did an amazing banana milk shake.

Another place in Koh Phangan I would have to recommend is Monnalisa’s Italian restaurant. Most pizzas you get on the island are frozen and shite, but this place is run by Italians and only serves Italian food (I mention this as every other restaurant serves everything from Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, “western”, Israeli, “breakfast”- they ALL have the same menu with the exact same headings, just like in Phi Phi) . The food in this place was really good- a nice change from Pad Thai if you need it!

This was my last meal in Thailand on the plane to Vietnam- a prize for the first person to guess what it is!!! 😉



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