Chinese Please

Since we all know I’m a hungry hippo, and have a passion for food (eating not cooking), I thought I would write about the culinary highlights (and lowlights) of each country I have visited.

I was worried before China, as I was warned that I wouldn’t like the food there at all. Although I was worried about not liking the food- I was happy about the silver lining, i.e. getting skinny, if I couldn’t eat. This silver lining never showed, as I absolutely loved the food.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of all the places we ate in so I can’t provide links, but I think with Beijing, it was more about the foods you tried, rather than where you ate it.

The saying is that “you haven’t been to Beijing until you’ve tried Peking Duck”. It didn’t disappoint! The restaurant was just off Qianmen Street and had a giant rubber ducky statue outside. The chief came out and even carved the duck in front of us- delish!

Before my visit to China, I had little time for steamed dumplings and much preferred the fried ones. I have since changed my mind. We ate all kinds of Dumplings in Beijing- steamed, fried or in soup, stuffed with pork, crab, shrimp, veg or a mix. The wantons were also amazing.




If you visit Beijing, you must take a trip to Wangfujing street market to sample some of the local delicacies 😉 I tried squid on a stick and snake on a stick. The squid was good and was cooked in a nice sticky sweet sauce. The snake tasked like a saltier, chewier calamari. Not majorly offensive but wouldn’t be the first thing I would choose on a menu again! The snake seemed like the lesser of the other evils they had on offer…



In Zhangjiajie, as we were on a tour, we had the same thing every day. A banana for breakie and then a big lunch of a hot pot, rice, mixed veg, some other meat dishes etc. It was good, but got dull after the three days. On our last day however, they spiced things up with some chicken head soup- mmm mmmm


In Shanghai we ate dumplings at Din Tai Fung but our most memorable meal was on the train with Nanny McFee. The plastic bag full of sushi was probably the highlight 😉



Hong Kong for me was the highlight for food- between dim sum on top of the peak, and being treated to dinner in the China Club and Zuma, everything we ate was a treat!




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