Bangkok- same same, but better than I expected!

Good bye China, Helloooooo Thailand!

I said my goodbyes to the other members of the travelling threesome when my driver collected me from the hotel in HK at 7am. While I was checking in, I was about to ask where the airport lounge was when it dawned on my that I forgot to pack my priority pass- DAMNIT!!!

When I arrived in Bangkok, I forgot all about my priority pass when I was greeted at the airport by my limo driver 🙂 I sat in the car and he handed me a bottle of water, a menu of music to choose from, a fresh towel and the wifi code. Around 45 mins later, he turned into a beautiful driveway leading up to the Peninsula. A lady met me at the door with fresh flowers and told me I could check in at my room. We bypassed reception and hit the 22 floor on the elevator. When we walked in to my suite, I had to laugh- it was bigger than my apartment in Dublin (so big that I only found the second bathroom the following day). The view was amazing, over looking the Chao Phraya river and the pool. I had big plans to hit the gym for three days, but I also really needed to get my nails done…

The concierge pointed me in the direction of a shopping mall 10 mins walk from the hotel that had a salon, so I decided to stroll up there and check it out. When I got to the mall, there was a little salon right across the road and I figured that must be it. I went in and checked the menu- it was a little rundown but a mani-pedi for less than a tenner made it a bit more appealing. I told one of the three manicurists what I wanted and apparently, this was not possible, as they did not have nail varnish…. Awkward. Alright then, I guess I’ll see myself out. The actual salon was in fact in the mall, and they had plenty of nail varnish.

When I got back to the hotel, I was no more in the mood for the gym than I was for a mani-pedi without nail varnish so off to the pool I went. The pool was heaven. I ordered a mango and chicken salad and it was divine. The pool boys came around to fill up my water regularly and offered me free ice cream and face mist from the spa.

I was starting to feel a bit sick (sore throat) after the two weeks of travelling and was getting tired. That night, I put my bath robe on, ordered chicken noodle soup and a peach and lychee smoothie from the kids room service menu and had two movies sent to my room (The Last King of Scotland and Slumdog Millionaire).

After a good twelve hours sleep, I got up and went to the breaki buffet on the riverside terrace and then it was pool time again. It seemed to be very sunny in the mornings and later in the evenings but between 3 and 4 it rained hard. At around 2 I decided I should probably do something productive with my time (no not the gym), so I went to see Wat Pho and the leaning Buddha. Luckily, it stopped raining just as I arrived. The concierge told me that they did the best massages in the temple, and they even had a training school for Thai massage too- I could do with a massage, especially one for 7 euro! The temple was very different from the Chinese temples so it was interesting to walk around. Monks still pray here too and I watched them pray to a Buddha. After taking a few pics of the leaning gold Buddha, it was time for my massage. A Thai massage is much more rough than the hot stone spa massages I’m use to, but it felt really good to have my back cracked after all the walking around for the last few weeks.

I took the taxi boat back to the hotel, and watched the sunset behind Wat Arun. When I got home I was craving a Pad Thai and my bed.

I organised to go on a group tour to the damnoen saduak floating markets at 8 am, so I woke up early to take advantage of the breakfast. My group consisted of some English people, Aussies and Indians. Apparently we had an English speaking tour guide, but she was in a different bus, and we didn’t lay eyes on her once that day. Our taxi man had Thinglish though, and was so enthusiastic that we didn’t mind our lack of tour guide. We got to the markets and got on a little boat and were told to keep our hands inside so the crocodiles don’t come up and “say hello”- I’m still not sure if this was a joke or not, but I kept my hands far from the side! They sold everything at the markets, but a cold beer was exactly what everyone on the boat ordered.

On the way back, we stopped at the elephant park where we could go elephant trekking if we wanted. I had planned to go trekking in the jungle not the middle of Bangkok so instead I just bought some bananas and fed the smaller elephant who was chained up for pics 😦 It was kinda depressing as the animal was clearly showing signs of distress and it was very hot and his legs were chained so he could move, only rock back and forth.

That night I decided it wouldn’t be a trip to Bangkok without seeing some ladyboys. I went to a ladyboy show and for a few drinks in the night markets with my new tour friends. I asked so many questions but I still don’t fully understand what the deal is with them… And now all pretty Thai girls look like ladyboys to me- it’s so confusing!











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