Being spoilt in HK and Macau

We slept like babies on the train- 12 hours and were woken up when we got to HK. Nanny McFee offered us more food for breakfast – this egg yoke covered in some type of toffee thing- no thank you. My dads friends driver picked us up and dropped us at the mini causeway bay hotel. Our hotel was too cute, and located right beside a Starbucks 😉

We went for a little walk around Causeway bay- to time square shopping mall. I was drawn to a stand where they were selling makeup with cats on it, then Teo points out its named after me too 🙂 I bought Grace and Nickers a lipgloss each (€50 FFS!).

Rickie collected us at 6pm outside our hotel and we go for a drink in Sevva bar on the 24th floor. The view from this place is amazing, even better than Bar Rouge. Rickie gives me a new iphone so we have a local phone and its easier for her to call us- she thinks of everything! We drank kir royals and then walked across the road for dinner in the China Club. The China Club is “old Shanghai style” , really nice. We allowed Rickie order for us since she knows best and she did a great job- shrimp, beef, fried noodles, dumplings, and everyone’s fav, Peking duck. Rickie asked for the left over meat to be stir friend and chopped up and this was served with lettuce leaves- like a reaallllly good meat sung.

My fortune:

Time enough for Love

After a bottle of wine, there was no way we were going home. Lan Kwai Fong is a bar area and we went there for one more drink with Rickie before she went home. Then is was hookah time 🙂 lemon and mint, and a peach one. The next pub had a great band and jelly shots- yes please. HK is banging on a Tuesday night.

On Wednesday we did the star ferry tour which was lovely. Free tea and bickies, what’s not to love? The main event on Wednesday, however, was dinner. Clem and Rickie brought us to Zuma for soft shell crab, sushi, rice, miso soup and wine 🙂 We also had some interesting entertainment when an American couple had a very public and loud fight about some lady called Lisa- bold husband!! No one was really feeling up for another night out and Clems suggestion of us all going to get foot massages after dinner was probably the best idea anyone has ever had.

Happy feet is around the corner for Zuma so we strolled up and checked in to our private massage room. Magazines, tea, foot soak, foot massage, shoulder massage = heaven !

On Thursday we took the peak tram up to the peak. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best so the view was disappointing. Not to worry- we found a really nice restaurant on top of the peak and went for dim sum. I think dim sum is like afternoon tea for Chinese people. They have it either in the morning or afternoon and it consists of loads of little dishes made for sharing (kinda like Chinese tapas I suppose). We ordered white peony tea, a variety of pork and crab dumplings, pumpkin and chestnut cakes, egg tarts and mango and blueberry pudding for dessert. We had 9 dishes all together- delicious !

Thursday evening we met our GLG colleagues (my former colleagues) Vanessa, Christine and Shoo from the HK office and went for happy hour in Alfie’s , located inside the Dunhill shop. My friend Luke from Crecora also joined us and after myself, Luke and Lindsey went on a pub crawl with Luke’s GF and two of their friends.

Friday, we got up and got Starbucks and made our way to the Macau ferry. I wasn’t feeling the prospect of sea sickness but really wanted to be lying out at the pool in the Venetian. When we checked in they offered us an upgrade to a bigger suit with a great view and late check-out (I’ll take that, thank you)! Poooool time 🙂

We decided on steak for dinner. We sat down in Morton’s steak house just around the same time the fear started to creep in. I nearly died when I opened the menu- 60€ for a 6 oz filet is too expensive even for my hungover self, especially when I really wanted the 8 oz and the chopped house salad, spinach and asparagus on the side- oh, and 2 bottles of 10€ water. Teo and Lins ordered wine but I was not in the form for boozing. The boozy blues had set in, I didn’t want to go out, I couldn’t afford my life, I was getting fat, slightly panicked about the foreseeable future-feeling very sorry for myself. After my dinner of steak, chopped salad, spinach and asparagus (yes I know I can’t afford it but a girls gotta eat), we hit the casino. Feeling less panicked now that I was away from the restaurant and I was obviously gonna win back everything I spent, I started to relax a little. When the waitress came over and told be I was beautiful and like a Barbie doll, that cured me- Delira with myself!

On the outside Macau looks a lot like Vegas… But really, it’s not. There is a special section for the casino and inside the Asians are taking gambling way too serious to be having any Craic. For example, instead of vodka, they are drinking Milk- sorry what!? The waitresses were also only serving tea, water or milk at the tables – again, sorry what?! Okay so, where’s the bar?? Lindsey discovered this great drink on the menu, Grateful death. This stuff was like loopy juice and after our first three (or four?!) I put Lindsey to bed. Myself and Teo were now just collecting Westerners and two Peru guys told us the secret for getting the free booze at the tables- just like Vegas- woohoo! Not that we needed it, but since it was free :

We will have 14 whiskey and cokes please and thank you

After losing way too much money on roulette, it was night club time-oh wait it’s 3.30 am, ok so we’ll just go back to the bar, oh wait they’ve stopped serving- BOOO. This would never happen in Vegas. Ok so, we’ll just go back to bed. It was prob for the best since I had a little fall and ended up on my arse outside the club about ten mins earlier on the way back to the bar.

Hangover breakfast: club sandwich, cream of mushroom soup, peppermint tea, two bottles of San pel and a bowl of mash (taking after Tash)!

We had dinner in Clem and Rickies that night and met the M&Ms. My sister’s godfather also joined us and we ate a feast of roast chicken, roast potatoes, two types of pasta, veg, salmon, mash, seafood chowder, ceaser salad and white wine. Although we decided that morning we were DEFINITELY not going out that night and would be fresh for the flight on Sunday-Lindsey, Rickie and I went for elderflower liquid and peach snaps cocktails on a rooftop bar beside out hotel- a great way to end out time in HK! 🙂









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