Shanghai hopes, hai-heels and hai-lights

We arrived in Shanghai at around 9 pm, and took the bus to the hotel, leaving behind the first casualty of the trip- my leopard print headband- raging ! Now I actually have to wash my hair on a regular basis and Teo can no longer call me “Barbie cancer”.

We checked in to our fabulous suite– a nice change from the previous two hotels! We had our own cocktail bar, two plasma TVs, a kitchenette and sitting room, and best of all, the hotel used some kind of special Internet service that allowed us to access Facebook (so there was no more conversation that night). Breakfast is free in the hotel and it was normal breaki food- thank god! After our granola and fruit and bacon and eggs, we met Teo’s friends from Italy- Francesca, Anna and Niccolo, and they took us around a market. We stopped for chocolate “pooh” ice cream which we ate while sitting on gold toilets (very strange but good ice cream!). We strolled around the gardens and tea houses and then headed back to our hotel for a disco nap.

We figured out how to work the surround sound and cracked in to one of the bottles of vodka in our private bar. Francesca, Anna, Niccolo and another Francesca joined us and when we were out of booze, it was time for dinner. Personally, I was in zero mood for dinner and all I wanted was more vodka but majority rules! We ate dumplings and noodles and then went to the apartment of Francesca 1’s friend. After checking out the view of the bund from their 24th floor apartment, drinking their vodka and harassing their cat, we left for Bar Rouge.

Bar Rouge is a beautiful rooftop club, full of beautiful people. Mostly Italians and Dutch people. It overlooked the bund and the music was great. When “My dream is to fly” came on I wished my Ios possy (nana sla, Jwoww, Awoww and Mae Mobley) were there! Teo was the first to abandon ship and went home around half four. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur- all I know is I somehow managed to get in to my hotel, and my suite without a key, after sunrise, with myself and Lindsey’s heels in a black plastic bin liner and a sneaky invitation on LinkedIn. When I woke up, I contemplated whether I was able for the free breakfast- but since it was 3 pm it was too late for that.

We managed to pull ourselves together and leave the hotel at 5 pm and got a taxi to the bund (there was no way I could handle the tube). Got to the bund, went for a little walk, had a little vom (not my finest moment but MMcG and Lydian will appreciate)… fuck I was hungover! It was time for food. Walking down the road, looking for “western food” and we saw it- the Peninsula Shanghai. I needed to be in there, I was so fragile and they needed to mind me. Two sparkling waters, a plate of ravioli and 125 euro later I felt much better. When I’m hungover, money is no object and carbs become friends not foe- I will need to incorporate the word “budget” in to my vocabulary if I don’t want to run outta funds.

We met Francesca 1 and Niccolo outside Bar Rouge (the scene of the crime) and watched the lights come on.

Back at the hotel, the fear started to creep in when we checked the mini bar menu and the little 50 ml bottles were priced at 20 euro… We had polished off the litre :/ … Ops! Best 120 euro bottle of vodka I’ve ever tasted anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

On Monday we visited the fake markets. Myself and Linds were both in the market for a fakey Mulberry, but after seeing them we decided against it. When you compare with the real they are just not the same. The Nike frees were pretty good but I didn’t have room for more shoes- I’m actually trying to downsize not upscale, so in the end I left with 2 pairs of sunnies (since all my real ones are at home), a Chinese dress, a Tori B clutch and hair clips. The dress was overpriced but after that I got in to the swing if haggling so the sunnies and hair clips were a steal ๐Ÿ™‚

Our train left Shanghai at 18.20. We packed a serious picnic of curry chicken, pesto chicken and hallumi spinach wraps, salads, chocolates and Taytos. Our cabin was a four bed and when we arrived there was a little old Chinese lady sitting on one of the beds. So much for the hot guy I was hoping for. However, she was the CUTEST thing. Her sister and sisters husband joined our tiny cabin, and brought enough food to feed the whole train- prawns, chicken, cod, mushrooms, rice and tofu- they were not happy unless we were eating. The old man then pulls out cans for us and the six of us start boozing! Teo, Linds and I decide that this is how we’ll be in 50 years time-Teo is the guy (obviously), Lindsey is the sister and I’m the little old lady with the snaggle tooth who won’t stop eating- like looking in a mirror!

Since we had a taste for it now, we strolled down to the bar. We forgot the deck of cards so Linds went back to the room for them. When she returned to the bar, she didn’t have the cards but she did have a bag of sushi that the old Chinese people would let her leave the cabin without. There was now also six old Chinese people living it up in our cabin! Heros.

It’s now 21.51- only 15 more hours to go ๐Ÿ˜ฎ !!!













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